Oct. 7, 2021

Ryky Tran (Knife YouTuber Burrfection)

Ryky Tran owns his company Burrfection. A YouTube channel and online store all about knives! Cooking knives are Ryky's specialty, but any knife can peak Ryky's interest. Not only is Ryky the host of his over 200,000 subscriber channel, but the creator of his online store where people from around the world can order knives with confidence. Ryky also had an acting career in Hollywood including working along side Jet Li in two feature length movies!

Ryky's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOluHMoKJ6CrS0kcybhaThg
Burrfection store: https://store.burrfection.com

0:20:00 - Ryky worked with Jet Li
0:45:15 - Ryky’s YouTube Journey
0:53:46 - Ryky schools us on knives
1:04:54 - Ryky’s Custom Burrfection Knife
1:08:56 - Burrfection Online Store

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