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Love the show

If you’re in the video content creation field, you need to listen to this podcast! Love the fun, yet informative banter about all the latest video and tech news!

New listener

I’m a working photographer, found you on Stalman podcast. Love the show. Subscribed.

Great content

Love the show and the new cohost format. Keep up the good work!

Informative and entertaining

I started listening to this podcast early on as I was just getting in to photography and other creative hobbies. I used to be intimidated by the “gear talk”, but always enjoyed the rest of the conversations between Dave and other creators. Years later, I can finally understand most of what’s being said. My favorite episodes might be the ones with Dave’s father and grandmother - they have such great stories to tell. Thank you for producing such an informative and entertaining show!

Best Youtuber Podcast Period!

This is hand down the most informative podcast out there to get behind the scenes access to some of the biggest youtubers. I have learned so much and thankful this resource exists. Thanks Dave!

Really incredible podcast!

Much effort and hard work goes into this podcast and I always seem to be stretched in some way by the end of each episode. Diligent content and questions posed to guests suggests the author certainly “does his homework” beforehand. Again, if you care anything at all about film or photography, this podcast is a must. However, the stores involved in each interview would be perfectly delightful and entertaining even if film or photography doesn’t interest.

My favorite Podcast for creators

I’ve been listening for over a year now and this is by far my favorite podcast out there! Fantastic guest lineup every single week, and Dave is a true professional as a host. I look forward to Tuesday every week to get my fix of GHP!

Super inspirational!

Dave Maze is a great host and all the guests on the show are so inspiring! If you’re looking for a bingeable podcast, 10/10 recommend this one!

Amazing show!

I recently stubbled across this podcast and I'm so glad that I did! It features all my favorite creators from the photo/video space on YouTube. The conversations are genuine and informative - the best combination

Love this show!

There’s always such great information and the conversations are amazing!

The podcast goes A to Z on topics

Huge fan of candid conversations, plus the EOSHD EPISODE was great


I found this podcast in mid-2019. The value this podcast holds is unbelievable. Quality interviews. Top notch audio. Hearing the ins-and-outs of different areas in this creative field is valuable for any person in content creation.

All around awesome.

Great talks about content creation, filmmaking and photography. Highly recommended!

Great Creator Talk!

PolarPro always makes the highest caliber camera gear in their wheel house. This translates right over to this podcast. Dave Maze is a great host and really opens up the conversation. Awesome guests too!

Great show!

Super rad show with great topics. Side Note: I don’t think I have ever heard a single person say “Yea” more times that in episode 36.

Wonderful in-depth discussions

I’m a fan! I was also a guest, so there’s that 😁, but I’ve been really enjoying getting to know more about so many creators that I’ve known peripherally for years. Great work Dave, keep it up!

One of the best Photography podcasts

This podcast is SO awesome!!!! I’ve been so inspired by all of the interviews to go out and create more. As a photographer it has been very interesting hearing how other photographers started and their photography journey so far! Also love all of the tips they give young photographers trying to find work! Keep up the good work!

Best podcast

Love listening to the Golden Hour Podcast. Great interviews with interesting creators. Also enjoy when they touch on what gear each guest uses. Great podcasts for creators of all levels and beginners looking to start. Give it a listen!

Great Stuff

I love hearing other creators stories and this podcast is sweet to hear all about it and hear about creativity.

I am loving this podcast!!!

I have been wanting to find a podcast that interested me for years and I feel like I have found one finally that is enjoyable enough for me to follow. Started with listening to Josh Yeo twice, now on to the rest. Thank you for making this.


Finally!!!! A photography pod cast I can listen to! Love these interviews super raw and straight up just feels genuine! I love the raw and straight up questions, with real honest answers from all of these amazing artists.

The Hosting makes the podcast

Honesty I wasn’t going to listen because most podcasts with company names attached aren’t the best. But this podcast is perfectly conversational and informative.


Just wanted to say that this is one of the highlights of my week and being a creative but having a job that doesn’t relate to what I do (photography) it is a breath of fresh air to be able to listen to it as I work. On another note I love the faith aspect that you have, you aren’t pushing anything but you make it known, mad respect for you man! Keep killing it!

Inspirational for new photographers

The Golden Hour podcast blends practical and uplifting advice from adventurous artists. As a new photographer, I’m captivated by each interview and understanding the journey of these artists. Focus on staying authentic to yourself and your art is a core message of the podcast. Anyone who is inspired to be a photographer or videographer should be listen.

Awesome Sauce!

I just listened to the first episode and I am inspired! Thank you for spending the time to put this together. I cannot wait for the future of this podcast! Cheers!

For Creators by Creators

I really like this concept of listening to creators and their specific styles. Very inspiring, I want to go out and shoot now!

Awesome insight

Loved to hear from Chris about how he took the dive into full time photography. COMMIT!