May 19, 2020

Jordan Drake (Cinematographer and Camera Expert)

If you have ever searched for a camera on YouTube, chances are you have seen Jordan Drake's work. Jordan’s background is in traditional filmmaking as a cinematographer, but roughly 10 years ago, along with his college Chris Niccolls, he started a YouTube channel for Calgary's largest camera store, The Camera Store. They grew a following of over 300,000 subscribers on their channel; CameraStoreTV and were one of the few camera review YouTube channels at the time, which paved the way for gear based content for years to come. In the last two years, Jordan has transitioned to DPReview where he shoots, edits, and stars in that gear review YouTube channel alongside Chris Niccolls. Jordan's most recent work in cinematography includes the short film: "A Walk Down To Water" which can be viewed in the show notes below.

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