March 16, 2021

GxAce and David Imel (YouTube, MKBHD, & Film Cameras)

This podcast has TWO amazing guests; GxAce (Casey Cavanaugh) and David Imel from Android Authority and recent addition to the MKBHD YouTube channel and WVFM podcast. These two met a few years ago and have connected mostly over their obsession with film cameras.

GxAce has one of the most underrated YouTube channels in our niche, and David has had a career of crazy world traveling, working as a journalist and host for Android Authority, and is now a writer for Marques Brownlee.

GxAce actually recorded the entire podcast in his space ship set, and it was a ton of fun chatting with both of these guys, so make sure to check out the video version of this show on our YouTube channel:


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