Sept. 1, 2020

Chris Hau & Lizzie Peirce Return! (Photographers, Filmmakers, YouTubers)

We are happy to welcome Chris Hau and Lizzie Peirce BACK to the Golden Hour for their second podcast on our show! In this episode, we talk bikes, cats, food, surviving COVID, and what it's like working with your significant other. We have timecoded this entire episode... so feel free to jump around by clicking the different chapters. 

0:00 Start
1:39 Intro
7:02 What’s happened since the last episode?
18:29 Why cycling is good
21:02 IG during the pandemic
29:41 Chris and Lizzie Podcast
33:28 Jason Vong - Why I Have Disappeared.
38:28 Zac Efron’s brother
40:48 Bear attack
43:57 New office space
54:25 How to optimize your space
1:00:22 The dope squad
1:03:15 Sony a7S III
1:10:47 Call other creators
1:15:59 Golden Hour Ask Anything - @davemaze
1:19:44 #GHAA: Easiest and hardest things about being a creative couple?
1:27:12 #GHAA: What’s it like being a super cool Canadian YouTuber?
1:32:38 #GHAA: Ask before your buy?
1:35:36 Fav YouTuber recommendations?
1:39:21 Ending message

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